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Feta Cheese & Haloumi


Provertia sa founded in 2009, by a team of professionals who were sharing the same dream.
Their past experience in Greek cheese business – working in different managerial positions in this sector – was their driving force to proceed.
Occupying in the beginning a small dairy in North- East Greece, (Alexandroupolis) was the starting point.

30 years

experience in packaging and exporting authentic Greek products

4 factories

guarantee diversity and continuous production throughout the year

25 countries

taste and endorse our top quality products

5 continents

we are certified to export with a growing supply chain



Feta Cheese

authentic Greek taste

BIO Feta Cheese

100% Organic milk

Barrel Feta Cheese

Feta Aged in wooden barrels

Feta Cubes Cheese

Feta cut in cubes

Cypriot Haloumi

& Greek Grill Cheese


Traditional appetizer

Light Cheese

40% less fat

Free Lactose Feta

100% lactose-free milk

Himalayan salt Feta

40% less salt

Cow Cheese

100% cow's milk

Sheep Cheese

100% sheep's milk

Goat Cheese

100% goat's milk


We started our first production back in 1965 and we were one of the first feta packers in Greece.
Since then we have established our world presence producing and packing over 3.000 tons of feta cheese each year
with 95% of our production being exports.
Our Vision is to provide top quality authentic products with excellent mild taste for global markets.
Our packaging and production flexibility offers a plethora of alternatives based on safety, quality and professional support.
We are oriented towards long term partnerships. Our goal is to maximize profits for the whole supply chain.

  • 1965

    Our first production site

    A small family production site was founded in North-East Greece

  • 1988

    Our first packaging site

    One of the first companies in Greece dealing with packing of Feta cheese, founded in 1988, starting packing and exporting some years later

  • 2009

    Renovated packaging site

    The packaging site was renewed and extended under Provertia sa management

  • 2017

    New production site

    4200 square meters covered area (production, storage & office areas), in a 30 thousands m2 plot, with a packaging department

  • 2019

    Another production site

    1500 square meters covered area (production, storage & office areas), in a 5500 m2 plot, with a packaging department

  • 2019

    Cyprus production site

    1200 square meters covered area (production, storage & office areas), with a packaging department

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Our Team

Offering safe and great products to the final consumer, …
…being at the same time a valuable supplier for our partners.

Provertia sa

Greek Grill Cheese
Production & Packing in GR

Lactea sa

Feta PDO & White Cheeses
Production & Packing in GR

Tria dairy srl

White Cheeses
Production in RO

Provertia CY ltd

Cypriot Halloumi
Production & Packing in CY


All our production and packaging sites are operated under the highest standards,
complying with TUV EN ISO 22000:2005, International Food Standard (IFS), British Retail Consortium (BRC), Agrocert for P.D.O. products, BIO for organic products.

ISO 22000:2005

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  • HQ: Extn Kidonion rd - Apalos
    P.O. Box 138, GR68150 Alexandroupolis
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    +30 2551 033771
  • Branch: Limenaria
    GR64002 Thasos
    +30 2593 051694
    +30 2593 051694

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